Tina Turner: On Buddhism & Spirituality

Updated February 17, 2014.

On this episode of Speak Easy, pop icon Tina Turner talks about Buddhism, spirituality, and even chants a prayer.

Watch this video of Tina Turner share her meditation insights (5 mins)

Tina Turner is no newcomer to spiritual practice. In this short clip she shares how she’s always found access to a deeper part of herself. From practicing Baptist prayer to Buddhism, she focuses on thinking correctly. What’s the benefit? It helps her not get upset so easily.

“[Many] people don’t realize how important meditation or prayer is.”

“What the practice does—it helps me to not be upset easily… It helps you to think different. If you think different, you think correctly….so it can hep you get the things you really want… It’s really very important what you say, what you think, how often you say it.”

Listen to Tina Turner’s powerful chanting… do you follow any spiritual practices?

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