Coming Home: A 4-Week Mindfulness Meditation Course

Build a powerful daily meditation practice. Develop self-compassion, resilience, clarity of mind, and insight.

Starts Monday, Oct 16th

  Do you want to discover how to access that calm oasis in the core of your being?

  Do you want to feel grounded and centered when circumstances go sideways?

  Do you need inner tools to reverse your stress response and curb your anxiety?

  Do you long to change your relationship to the critical narratives in your head?

In Coming Home, my mission is to immerse you in an ancient practice with a modern and secular context. You'll learn how to let go and experience the wonder and openness of the present moment. And you'll experience how this practice calms and focuses your mind.

By the end of this course, you will have touched the still silent sanctuary at the center of your being. You will have the tools and confidence to center yourself through the inevitable storms and changing tides of life.

You'll also have the opportunity to practice each morning with your cohort in a live 30-45 minute guided meditation via zoom. Meditating together every morning with others can have a dramatic impact on your meditation practice.

  Reduce stress & anxiety

  Befriend challenging emotions

  Replace reactivity with insight

  Develop self-awareness

  Enjoy more ease in your life 

  Create a daily meditation habit

  Be more grounded & sane

  Learn how to open your heart

  Improve your attention span

  Nurture self-compassion

Course Testimonials

I must say that this was such an incredible experience and I am so thankful to you all. This has opened my mind and led me down such a strong and powerful path in my life. I can truly say that it changed the person I was, and I will never be the same again. I look at things differently, even colors seem brighter to me now. Your layout of the program was spot on and flowed beautifully. - Kayte

I want to thank you for all you have done. …this has been such a blessing to me. I am so excited to use meditation in my daily life. Morgan you have gone above and beyond what I expected. Thank you again for everything. - Wendy

The course was wonderful, it was exactly what I needed at this time in my life. I feel more peace than I can ever remember. I am very thankful for each lesson. - Michael

I thought the course was terrific. I recently took a 300 hr yoga teacher training and recommended it to all my fellow trainees to use themselves and share with their students. I believe we are at a tipping point on mindfulness and meditation being accepted and studied more carefully in our society. Not a moment too soon! Thanks very much for the gift of this course. - Ginny

I reached the end of the course this week. Can I say a massive thank you as it has helped me no end throughout. I will keep everything I have learnt in mind and definitely refer back time and time again for tips and reminders. A great course that I will definitely recommend to others!! Big love from me!! - Tom

Thank you for the course! It is wonderful. The lessons that I have taken have been very insightful. Meditation has not come easy to me & you are the first person online who has provided steps to work through trying to figure out what to do & what to do with my mind & fidgetiness which I seem to have so much of. - Karen

Thank you so much!! It has been a very kind and simple way to introduce me to mediation….Most of all I appreciate the flexibility and no pressure approach. Thank you. Warm wishes. - Carolina

I found the lessons rang true right away, addressing all my misgivings and resistance with solid, common sense principles. The tenets, tips etc. are very helpful and instructive and I found the articles (which I had time to read) very inspiring. The website is rich and I look forward to supporting my second round with more reading and more meditation. Thank you for this effort. I already feel the beginnings of wakefulness — and I have shared your website with a number of friends already. - Luba

Join a 4-week mindfulness meditation training program

In Coming Home, you will deepen or begin your own meditation practice.  Develop an embodied understanding of mindfulness through an engaged and focused practice.  Enjoy learning in a safe, community-rich online environment.  Receive daily live instruction and Q&A from a skilled meditation teacher in real time. Participate in guided meditations live & online Mon-Fri with your cohort.

Expert Instruction

  Certified Meditation Teachers

  Experienced teaching mindfulness 

  Tibet House/Dharma Moon Program

Zoom - Live & Online

  Interactive online learning

  5 weeks of live instructor-led sessions

  Daily Live & Online Meditation Sessions

Course Materials

  Guided Meditation Audios

  Weekly Readings & Audios

  Recommended Reading List

  10-Day Meditation Challenge Audios

Teacher Credentials

Our mindfulness meditation teachers are certified through the renowned Dharma Moon and Tibet House 100-Hour Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training. They undergo intensive one-on-one and group training and are required to complete and pass all training requirements, make a satisfactory teaching presentation, and pass a written final and oral exam to receive a Certificate of Completion and be co-certified by Dharma Moon and Tibet House US, the United States Cultural Center of HH the Dalai Lama.


About Your Course Instructor

Morgan Dix is a certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher. He has taught over 8,000 people how to meditate since cofounding this website. Morgan started practicing meditation in 1995 and has spent the last 27 years immersed in different schools of meditative practice. He spent 14 years living and training full time in a meditation ashram. There, he practiced for 2 to 10 hours a day and spent 10-30 days each year in silent retreat. In 2013, he cofounded and the One Mind Meditation Podcast (1.3M Downloads). Morgan lives on Colorado’s front range with his wife and daughter and loves trail running, hiking, reading historical fiction, camping, and playing music.

Morgan Dix

This has helped me beyond words! I so appreciate your insight and descriptions and analogies. You are a wonderful teacher, a gift few possess. —Amy

The website was advised to me by one of my teachers as I really wasn’t coping well with a lot of things happening in my life. Meditating for around 10 mins a day really really cleared my mind and helped me cope with exams and getting on with my life. I never knew where to start before and this course was perfect so thank you! —Katie

Honestly, I can’t think of anything that I would have added to the course. The most important thing that I got out of the course was to “not make a problem”. That was priceless. I really liked the course and have already recommended it to a friend and will continue to do so in the future. It’s a great introduction. —Arodi

I was struggling to begin my meditation practice. This course got me started, and it inspires me to keep going - I keep listening to the guided meditation audios again and again! Very grounding. I'm finding a new, more peaceful, me. —ANNI K.

I am so impressed by the meditation mini course, I don’t know whether you have people who seem natural to it, but it was working for me on the first lesson. And it has gotten stronger and better on each one. Letting things be really taught me a lot, there were arguments in my head that I wasn’t concentrating enough, but when the lesson told me to just let the thoughts be, they soon disappeared, because I wasn’t concentrating on them anymore, I was “letting them be”. That was a huge step in it for me. —Adam

Thank you so much for the course…I have always wanted to learn how to meditate and found it quite challenging..I am however in the very early stages of your course as I feel the need to flourish in every lesson…I really want to make this work for me…and I’m thoroughly enjoying it! —MICHELLE

Hi Morgan, thank you for your mini course. It does help me to clear my mind. I like the way you make it so simple and straight forward. All that we need to meditate are: intention, be still, relax, attention, awareness and never create another problem when meditating. —Joey

Who should take this training?

  New or seasoned meditators

  Anyone exploring self-development


  Yoga teachers 

  HR Professionals


  Wellness & Healthcare Professionals

  If you want to better manage stress and anxiety

What's Included?

  4 weeks of live instructor-led sessions

  Lifetime access to course materials 

  All session recordings

  Guided meditations

  10-Day Meditation Challenge Audios

Why is Mindfulness so popular? Because it works. Here are some science-backed benefits.

Maybe you've thought about starting a meditation practice for a long time. And now you're ready to take a live course with a teacher and experience the benefits.

In this 4-week course, you'll learn everything you need to establish a daily meditation habit, and you'll get the support to help you follow through.

But first, let's review some of the remarkable benefits of mindfulness that are supported by scientific research. (Citations below are from the American Psychological Association)

I used to wonder about starting a daily practice of my own and Morgan provided an option that was well-rounded and approachable in such a gently structured space. He weaves together poetry, music, and subtle guided shifts of perspective during the daily sessions that allowed room for my mind, body, and spirit to connect and find awareness very naturally and seamlessly. I had epiphanies and dreams coming from a deep place inside of me during this time and they were pivotal in my attempts at releasing old narratives and beliefs. Morgan was also very thoughtful and generous in answering any questions and the group dynamic was so wonderful. As an introvert, it really showed me the power and love possible through an amplified group consciousness, and I will always be grateful for that. I highly recommend the course to anyone who may be interested. -Grace E

Entering The Guest House

This poem by Rumi is one of my favorites. It captures the essence of what we learn as we develop a stable and consistent mindfulness meditation practice. I love this poem so much I have it framed at the entrance to my meditation room.

In the Coming Home Mindfulness Training, The Guest House is a metaphor for the work we do learning how to meditate and develop abiding self-compassion.

Meditation is an ever-evolving process of presence, curiosity, and not knowing. We ride the breath into the present moment and enter a rich—at times enchanting—zone of discovery.

The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.​

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.​

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.


Why Coming Home?

As you develop a consistent mindfulness meditation practice, you will start to discover and connect to the boundless ground of your own being. Most of our culture pulls us away from that silent ground. In contrast, meditation leads you right there. What does that feel like?

It feels like coming home.

I invite you to come home as often as you can. To nurture, cultivate, and stabilize access to your own home ground.

Course Schedule

Starts: October 16th

Class & Guided Meditations - Mon-Fri 830-9am ET

Sessions: Oct 16 - Nov 10

Week 1: Oct 16 – Introduction to mindfulness meditation & core practice instructions
Week 2: Oct 23 – Holding it all gently & learning the art of self-compassion
Week 3: Oct 30 – Applying precision to the view and technique of mindfulness
Week 4: Nov 6 – Letting go of old stories and narratives that no longer serve us


This course is designed to support new and experienced meditators alike. You don’t need any previous experience to participate.

Testimonials from Coming Home participants


  • For students and retirees


  • Support scholarships