Coming Home: 10-Day Meditation Challenge

Fuel your higher intentions with this FREE two-week meditation immersion. Live & Online.

Starts January 15th

In this 10-Day Mindfulness Meditation Challenge, we will spend 30-40 minutes together every morning over two weeks (10 week days) as you build and/or renew your commitment to daily meditation practice.

Practicing meditation every day with others benefits your practice in countless ways. You will:

 Develop skills to relax and manage stress and anxiety

 Cultivate self-compassion and loving kindness

 Strengthen your intention to meditate

  Deepen your existing practice

 Build your daily meditation habit

 Learn different approaches to meditation

 Get expert meditation instruction and guidance

 Learn the basics of mindfulness meditation

 Experience a field of collective meditation

The Meditation Challenge is part of the lead up to our 4-week long Coming Home - Mindfulness Meditation Training Course.

You can take the 10-Day Meditation Challenge as a powerful stand-alone experience or as a perfect primer for the 4-Week Mindfulness Meditation Training.

As a participant in the 10-Day Meditation Challenge, you'll also get an exclusive discount offer for the 4 Week Mindfulness Meditation Training Course.

Meditation Challenge Schedule

Here is the schedule for our free 10-Day Meditation Challenge. Each meditation builds on the preceding day, so please do your best to practice them in order.

We will pause the live guided meditation sessions over the weekend and you will have access to the recordings over the weekend.

The Week of January 15-19, 6:30am-7:00am MT

 Day 1: Basic Mindfulness Meditation

 Day 2: Mindfulness - Focus on Gentleness

 Day 3: Mindfulness - Focus on Precision

 Day 4: Mindfulness - Focus on Letting Go

 Day 5: Mindfulness - Three-Step Concentration Technique

The Week of January 22-26, 6:30am-7:00am MT

 Day 6: Mindfulness - Body Scan Meditation

 Day 7: Mindfulness - Soundscape Meditation

 Day 8: Mindfulness - Metta Practice

 Day 9: Free Awareness: Be Still, Relax, Let Everything Be

 Day 10: Free Awareness: Awareness Outside the Body

Monday February 5th

  Intro: Coming Home Mindfulness Meditation Training Course

The Details

The 10-Day Challenge starts on Monday January 15th and takes place every morning from 6:30am-7:00am MT for 30-40 minutes.

Each session will include a short intro reading or teaching, a guided meditation, and a closing reading.

Free Limited Time Access

The Meditation Challenge is free when you register. You get access to all the guided meditation audios and videos for the duration of the Meditation Challenge.

Free access to the audios and videos ends when the Challenge is over.

Continuing Access

When you register for the paid 4-Week Coming Home Mindfulness Meditation Training Course, you get lifetime access to all the audios and videos from the Meditation Challenge in addition to all the audios and videos from the Coming Home Mindfulness Meditation Training Course.

Participants who register for and complete the free 10-Day Meditation Challenge are eligible for an exclusive discount offer to the 4-Week Coming Home Mindfulness Meditation Training Course.

Expert Instruction

  Certified meditation teachers

  Experienced teaching mindfulness 

  Tibet House/Dharma Moon Program

Zoom - Live & Online

  Live & online learning

  10 days of live instructor-led sessions

  30-Minute daily guided meditations

Course Materials

  Daily session recordings

  Recommended readings & audios

  Dedicated resource page

About Your Course Instructor

Morgan Dix is a certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher. He has taught over 8,000 people how to meditate since cofounding this website. Morgan started practicing meditation in 1995 and has spent the last 28 years immersed in different schools of meditative practice. He spent 14 years living and training full time in a meditation ashram. There, he practiced for 2 to 10 hours a day and spent 10-30 days each year in silent retreat. In 2013, he cofounded and the One Mind Meditation Podcast (1.3M Downloads). Morgan lives along Colorado’s front range with his wife and daughter and works as the marketing director for a sustainable manufacturing company.

Morgan Dix

This has helped me beyond words! I so appreciate your insight and descriptions and analogies. You are a wonderful teacher, a gift few possess. —Amy

The website was advised to me by one of my teachers as I really wasn’t coping well with a lot of things happening in my life. Meditating for around 10 mins a day really really cleared my mind and helped me cope with exams and getting on with my life. I never knew where to start before and this course was perfect so thank you! —Katie

Honestly, I can’t think of anything that I would have added to the course. The most important thing that I got out of the course was to “not make a problem”. That was priceless. I really liked the course and have already recommended it to a friend and will continue to do so in the future. It’s a great introduction. —Arodi

I was struggling to begin my meditation practice. This course got me started, and it inspires me to keep going - I keep listening to the guided meditation audios again and again! Very grounding. I'm finding a new, more peaceful, me. —ANNI K.

I am so impressed by the meditation mini course, I don’t know whether you have people who seem natural to it, but it was working for me on the first lesson. And it has gotten stronger and better on each one. Letting things be really taught me a lot, there were arguments in my head that I wasn’t concentrating enough, but when the lesson told me to just let the thoughts be, they soon disappeared, because I wasn’t concentrating on them anymore, I was “letting them be”. That was a huge step in it for me. —Adam

Thank you so much for the course…I have always wanted to learn how to meditate and found it quite challenging..I am however in the very early stages of your course as I feel the need to flourish in every lesson…I really want to make this work for me…and I’m thoroughly enjoying it! —MICHELLE

Hi Morgan, thank you for your mini course. It does help me to clear my mind. I like the way you make it so simple and straight forward. All that we need to meditate are: intention, be still, relax, attention, awareness and never create another problem when meditating. —Joey


This Challenge is designed to support new and experienced meditators alike. You don’t need any previous experience to participate.

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