My guess is that you’ve already tasted moments of deep peace.

In meditationYour mind went quiet, the drama disappeared, and you came to rest in your “best self.”

And now, you want to find a simple approach to meditation that works.

An easy and reliable technique. One you can practice instantly—anytime and anywhere—to reach that still, calm, center of your self.

Because, there are times when you just have to slow down and step outside your spiraling mind. 

What if you could cut through the drama in your head with one simple technique?

Peace of mind in busy lifeImagine it… your day is spinning out of control. First a towering task list plus your Boss’s red-hot deadline. Then whining kids, no workout, and an endless to-do list.

There’s a pit in your stomach, your thoughts are wild, and it’s not even lunch yet. We’ve all been there.

The new Problem Free Meditation System puts the path to inner peace in your own hands. And it grounds you when you need it most.

Here's What We've Got For You

Free meditation resources

The Problem Free Meditation System 1.0 & 2.0 is two courses in one program. You can sign up for one or both courses.

  • Part One teaches you how to gently center your mind, relax, and stay focused in meditation.
  • Part Two shows you how to bring that deep peace into your daily life.
  • Two Transformative Courses In Meditation

    Find Inner Peace, Focus, Relaxation, & A Deep Sense of Purpose

  • Step-by-Step Audio Lessons

    Listen anywhere and learn how to let go

  • Guided Meditation Modules

    Discover A Deep Source of Inner Peace

Do You Struggle With Meditation?

Meditation teacher Jeff CarreiraYour guide, Jeff Carreira, is a master practitioner. He will help you find answers to some of the most challenging questions as you learn the art and science of meditation.

♦ How do you quiet your mind?

♦ How will you know if you are making progress?

♦ What is meditation?

♦ How do you apply meditation in your daily life?

Jeff has guided countless people throughout the world into the profound depths of meditative practice for over a decade. His direct and precise instruction brings both experienced and novice meditation practitioners to life-changing realizations.

How is this different from other meditation programs you’ve tried in the past?

It didn’t stick before, why should this be different? From the start, the Problem Free Meditation System addresses one of the biggest reasons people give up in meditation.


middle aged woman yoga meditationWe are plagued by thoughts telling us something is wrong. Thoughts like:

• I’m not doing this right.

• I can’t quiet my mind and focus.

• Meditation isn’t for me.

• These instructions don’t work.

• She looks more peaceful than I do.

During this course, you’ll discover that nothing stands in your way. And you’ll learn how to effortlessly overcome the barriers that blocked you in the past.

In fact, this approach to meditation is so effective that if you give it a fair shot, and it doesn’t deliver, we'll give you a full refund. Why? Because, if you genuinely apply this technique, it works instantly.

  • This is the structure I needed to really move forward with my meditation practice even in the midst of a busy life. Jeff's guidance is authentically rooted in his own deep meditation practice over many years and I find his voice is both authoritative and relaxing -- a terrific combination.
  • This course is gently opening my heart and liberating me from old debilitating fears, and leaving me with a new clarity. I am not even halfway through and I am already resting in a new level of peace. My resistance is melting and anticipatory excitement is replacing it.

Sign up for one or both courses in the Problem Free Meditation System

How To Free Your Mind & Discover A Source Of Deep Peace (1.0)

4 Audio Lesson Modules

4 Guided Meditation Modules

Your Course Structure

Each course includes four 30-minute sessions.

Each session has a 10-minute lesson and a 20-minute guided meditation.


Part 1: How To Free Your Mind & Discover Deep Peace

Course Introduction from Jeff Carreira (2 min)


Session 1. How to Practice Having No Problem

  • Lesson - 10 min
  • Guided Meditation - 20 min

Session 2. Your Mind's Problems Don't Have to Be Yours

  • Lesson - 10 min
  • Guided Meditation - 20 min

Session 3. Your Mind Doesn't Stop Just Because Your Do

  • Lesson - 10 min
  • Guided Meditation - 20 min

Session 4. There Is No Where You Need To Go

  • Lesson - 10 min
  • Guided Meditation - 20 min


Part 2: How To Unleash Your Spirit & Discover Your True Destiny

Course Introduction from Jeff Carreira (2 min)


Session 1. Trying to Do Nothing is Still Doing Something

  • Lesson - 10 min
  • Guided Meditation - 20 min

Session 2. Shifting into a New Consciousness

  • Lesson - 10 min
  • Guided Meditation - 20 min

Session 3. Awareness Does Not Exist Inside of Me

  • Lesson - 10 min
  • Guided Meditation - 20 min

Session 4. Consciousness Beyond What the Mind Can Know

  • Lesson - 10 min
  • Guided Meditation - 20 min


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