Let us guide you step-by-step. Here’s what’s included.

The Problem Free Meditation System: A 2-part audio course.

  • Part One: Learn advanced meditation techniques to gently center your mind, relax, and stay focused.

  • Part Two: Bring this new source of peace into your daily life.

  • Two Courses In Meditation

    Find Inner Peace, Focus, Relaxation, & A Deep Sense of Purpose

  • 8 Guided Meditation Modules

    Unlock Your Mind & Your Higher Potentials

  • 8 Step-by-Step Audio Lessons

    Listen in your car, in the gym, on your walk home and learn how to let go

  • Bonus Resources

    Beautiful Checklists, Infographics, & a meditation challenge to track and fuel your progress

My guess is that you’ve already tasted your true nature.


Meditation ebooks - woman meditating peacefullyYour mind went quiet, the drama disappeared, and you came to rest in your “best self.”

And now, you want to go to another level. To fully experience a genuine breakthrough.

An effective and advanced technique. One you can practice instantly—anytime and anywhere—to reach that limitless, calm, center of your self.


What if you could expand your awareness with a simple technique?


Meditating on a mountain

Maybe you’ve tried other spiritual practices or dabbled in meditation. But now you’re waiting for something that leads you to the source of it all.  

Uncomplicated and direct, this advanced technique quickly guides you to the essence of all spiritual awakening. 

Meditation masters have practiced this approach for centuries and now we’ve updated it for the modern meditator. 


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  • This is the structure I needed to really move forward with my meditation practice even in the midst of a busy life. Jeff's guidance is authentically rooted in his own deep meditation practice over many years and I find his voice is both authoritative and relaxing -- a terrific combination.
  • This course is gently opening my heart and liberating me from old debilitating fears, and leaving me with a new clarity. I am not even halfway through and I am already resting in a new level of peace. My resistance is melting and anticipatory excitement is replacing it.

Are you looking for a simpler and more direct path to inner peace?

jeffcolorYour guide, Jeff Carreira, is a master of meditation practice. He will guide you step by step, helping you to master this advanced meditation technique. Jeff developed this approach after 20 years of practice and 10 years of teaching meditation. You will quickly learn how to:

Quiet your mind

Recognize the signs of your progress

♦ Practice a meditation technique where you can't fail

Apply meditation in your daily life


Your Course Structure: Each course includes four 30-minute sessions.

Part 1: How To Free Your Mind & Discover A Source of Deep Peace

Course Introduction from Jeff Carreira (2 min)

  Session 1: How to Practice Having No Problem

  • Lesson - 10 min
  • Guided Meditation - 20 min

Session 2: Your Mind's Problems Don't Have to Be Yours

  • Lesson - 10 min
  • Guided Meditation - 20 min

Session 3: Your Mind Doesn't Stop Just Because You Do

  • Lesson - 10 min
  • Guided Meditation - 20 min

Session 4: There Is Nowhere You Need To Go

  • Lesson - 10 min
  • Guided Meditation - 20 min

Part 2: How To Unleash Your Spirit & Discover Your True Destiny

Course Introduction from Jeff Carreira (2 min)


Session 1: Trying to Do Nothing is Still Doing Something

  • Lesson - 10 min
  • Guided Meditation - 20 min

Session 2: Shifting into a New Consciousness

  • Lesson - 10 min
  • Guided Meditation - 20 min

Session 3: Awareness Does Not Exist Inside of You

  • Lesson - 10 min
  • Guided Meditation - 20 min

Session 4: Consciousness Beyond What the Mind Can Know

  • Lesson - 10 min
  • Guided Meditation - 20 min
  • This course is the sweetest and purest set of meditation instructions I’ve ever followed! The instructions offer such precious permission to just be with what is – including being with myself and all its antics – which allows for gentle openings! Thank you both for compiling your years of knowledge into such simple and succinct guidance!
    Mary Beth

How is this different from meditation programs you’ve tried in the past?

middle aged woman yoga meditationIt didn’t stick before, why should this be different? From the start, Jeff addresses the biggest reasons people give up in meditation.

We are plagued by thoughts telling us something is wrong. Thoughts like:

• I’m not doing this right.

• I can’t quiet my mind and focus.

• Meditation doesn't work for me.

During this course, you’ll discover that nothing stands in your way. And you’ll learn how to effortlessly overcome the barriers that blocked you in the past.

In fact, this approach to meditation is so effective that if you give it a fair shot, and it doesn’t deliver, we'll give you a full refund. Why? Because, if you genuinely apply this technique, it works instantly.

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