How To Build Your Mindful Presence (And Your Grey Matter Too!)


What is presence exactly? And how does it relate to mindfulness and living in the present moment? Recently I had an extraordinary experience. It happened while I was walking down the street in my neighborhood. And it got me thinking about mindful presence and how we each experience our world. But before we go any further, […]

(Audio) The Present Moment: This Is It


Do you ever have those moments when you feel that everything in your life is crystal clear? Everything comes into resolution and you know that this moment is perfect just as it is. You have everything you need to be happy. This moment is full. The Present Moment Amazing teachers like Ram Dass and Eckhart […]

Forget Your Stomach…What Are You Putting In Your Head?


Do you take good care of your mind? Are you nourishing your awareness? And how, exactly, do you do that anyways? We all know that there are huge industries devoted to taking care of your physical fitness, your diet, and your appearance. And those things are important and have a big effect on your quality […]

You’re Doing This Meditation Practice Right Now (Even If You Don’t Know It)


Have you heard of a meditation practice you can’t do wrong? The meditation practice that I am introducing is the simplest thing you can possibly do. In fact it is so simple that you are already doing it right now without realizing it. You have been doing it for as long as you’ve been alive and […]

The Problem Free Meditation System (Parts 1-3)

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.49.23 PM

 Part 1: The Problem Free Meditation System In this entertaining video, meditation teacher Jeff Carreira tells the story of how he started his own meditation practice. And he describes how that eventually led him to teach meditation and develop the Problem Free Meditation System.  In the video Jeff addresses an important question about meditation. How do […]