You’re Doing This Meditation Practice Right Now (Even If You Don’t Know It)


Have you heard of a meditation practice you can’t do wrong? The meditation practice that I am introducing is the simplest thing you can possibly do. In fact it is so simple that you are already doing it right now without realizing it. You have been doing it for as long as you’ve been alive and […]

The Problem Free Meditation System (Parts 1-3)

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 Part 1: The Problem Free Meditation System In this entertaining video, meditation teacher Jeff Carreira tells the story of how he started his own meditation practice. And he describes how that eventually led him to teach meditation and develop the Problem Free Meditation System.  In the video Jeff addresses an important question about meditation. How do […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Practicing Mindfulness Right Now


Mindfulness is everywhere right now. But do you know what it actually is? Like many things that get press coverage and go mainstream, it’s easy to think you know all about it. But what if, like most people, you’re still not clear what the profound benefits of mindfulness actually are? And what if those benefits […]

How Do You Model Mindfulness for Your Children?


Are you teaching mindfulness to your kids? It may be more important than you think. Imagine it from their perspective…You get to school on time carrying your backpack. It’s filled with hours of finished homework, your computer, phone and lunch. You’re only seven and you’re already running to keep up with a busy schedule. Not […]

This Is One Approach to Meditation You Can’t Mess Up


Are you looking for a fool-proof approach to meditation? It’s not always easy. There are more meditation techniques than sand crystals in a Tibetan sand mandala. So it can be intimidating to know where to start. Where should you begin? Maybe you haven’t found the silver bullet yet. That one technique that lets your mind and soul […]