How Do You Model Mindfulness for Your Children?


Are you teaching mindfulness to your kids? It may be more important than you think. Imagine it from their perspective…You get to school on time carrying your backpack. It’s filled with hours of finished homework, your computer, phone and lunch. You’re only seven and you’re already running to keep up with a busy schedule. Not […]

This Is One Approach to Meditation You Can’t Mess Up


Are you looking for a fool-proof approach to meditation? It’s not always easy. There are more meditation techniques than sand crystals in a Tibetan sand mandala. So it can be intimidating to know where to start. Where should you begin? Maybe you haven’t found the silver bullet yet. That one technique that lets your mind and soul […]

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Meditator

Progress in meditation - woman meditating

Can you get better at meditation? Yes, of course you can. Like any skill you want to master, practice makes perfect. And getting better at meditation is one of the best ways you can improve your quality of life. An old friend said it best, “meditation is to life what a good stock is to […]

What I Learned From A Lizard About Mindful Parenting & Meditation

Mindfulness and parenting

Do you think animals meditate? How about reptiles? It never crossed my mind until a few years ago on a visit to the local nature center. After we entered the reptile room my little boy and I stood stone still for a long time. Side by side, our feet almost touched the wall of the glass […]

How to Practice the Soundscape Meditation Technique

The music of the spheres - meditation

Do you ever have those moments? You know, the ones when everything goes quiet? Suddenly your mind becomes still, free of the usual noise, and you can hear everything again? Mindfulness Techniques: Soundscape Meditation Powerful mindfulness techniques abound. Tips to help you slow down and savor the present moment in all it’s rich and pulsing […]